How To Know The Difference Between A Floor Polisher and A Floor Burnisher


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The main differences of a floor polisher and a floor burnisher are:

Floor Polisher Floor Burnisher
Are Low Speed Are High Speed
Operate in a side to side motion Drive Straight
Used to strip, clean, buff or scrub floor Used to Burnish (High Shine) a floor



Floor polishers are versatile floor cleaning machines that operate by using rotating brushes or pads to scrub, polish or buff a floor to maintain its appearance. There are a range of alternative attachments for different floor surfaces, so they are quite a versatile cleaning machine.

Floor Burnishers polish the floors at a high rate of speed to produce maximum shine.

In general, both burnishing and polishing result in a smooth shine. However, while the two are often used interchangeably, burnishing often refers to a mechanical process, using a mechanical burnisher. Polishing is a more general term and can refer to polishing by hand or by machine.

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Written By: AML Staff