LP 1/12 Eco A Vacuum

LP 1/12 Eco A is a professional dry use vacuum cleaner, specifically designed with a durable and reliable structure to enable a long-term life span.

The materials are made from up to 75% recycled plastic  providing environmental sustainability and it has been designed to facilitate the work of contract cleaners, making it the perfect machine to access and clean small or medium-sized environments relatively quickly


Key Features

-Extremely Flexible Hooks
-Screwing Connection – Hose Always Fastened
-EcoMotor – Best Performance With Maximum Energy Saving
-EcoBrush – Powerful Combi Nozzle For High Cleaning Efficacy
-EcoBag – High-Efficiency Filtration And Containment (Class M Certified)
-New Ergonomic Solution
-Reliable Construction For Intensive Use